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What to Know Before Outsourcing Sheet Metal Design


In-house sheet metal design services are a good option, but is it the best for your commercial sheet metal project?

Outsourcing sheet metal designs is a better idea. You get cost-effective services that develop high-quality and accurate drawings per your requirements using the latest technology by professional engineers.

Here’s a list of detailed reasons by Kaempf & Harris as to why you need to outsource your sheet metal design:


Most sheet metal fabrication shops have experienced engineers that can read and design blueprint specs and plans. If you express your ideas and goals to a sheet metal service professional, it’s likely that you’ll get the support and design that you were looking for.


If your project doesn’t fit into a mold or standard template, this is an important factor. Custom sheet metal projects are difficult to design and even more complicated to build.

However, the best part is that some sheet metal fabrication shops offer specialty services like customization (and installation and/or maintenance after the design phase). This means that you can receive custom sheet metal projects and products with near-perfect accuracy.

You don’t have to worry about if you can adjust a standard template or put multiple molds together to get a version of what you want.


Designing a sheet metal project or product is another checkbox on your to-do list. Chances are, you’re too busy with existing projects to add this deliverable to your workload. Outsourcing the design is a simple step that frees up time, creates less stress, and boosts productivity.


If you don’t have experience in sheet metal design, your project or product will likely be inaccurate. You’ll waste valuable time and resources, and that’s frustrating for any professional on a deadline and/or budget.

Instead, outsource that design to a sheet metal fabrication company. They have the tools and technology to create the most accurate rendering based on your ideas and goals.

For example, mechanical 3D modeling delivers high-quality sheet metal and fabrication drawings, sketches, PDF, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, shop floor layout, assembly drawings from existing plans, and more.

Some fabrication shops have engineers and drafters who specialize in CAD and computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs like SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Here are the benefits to hiring a CAD or CADD professional:

  • Decrease in error percentage. The percentage of human error in manual design and draft is significantly reduced with CAD software tools.
  • Decrease in effort. Sheet metal part design requires days of effort to find the right part. CAD software significantly reduces the amount of effort that’s needed to find the perfect part.

    CAD software removes the duplication of labor and reuses common code to copy similar parts. This code can be reused to shorten the length of a future design. This reuse of code also makes it easier to save, store, and send files without hassle.
  • Decrease in time. CAD software saves time, which means fabricators and welders can make better and more efficient designs in a shorter time frame.
  • Easy editing. Every sheet metal project goes through a few design phases and alterations to parts. CAD software makes editing easier because the drawings are modifiable and less error-prone when using special features.
  • Improved accuracy. CAD offers better accuracy than manual drawings. The software comes with updated tools for precision, skill, and accuracy that surpass even the best by-hand drawing.

When determining if in-house or outsourced project design is best for your next sheet metal project, consider the latter more heavily. Outsourced design work gives you quality service, customization options, higher productivity, and better accuracy.

For more information about hiring a fab shop for sheet metal design, download our Guide to Hiring a Sheet Metal Company:

Download the Guide to Hiring a Sheet Metal Company

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