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The Value Of Craftsmanship In The Fabrication Process


Sheet metal fabrication projects are complex and costly, which leaves little room for error. The best way to ensure a great sheet metal project is by committing to a custom sheet metal fabrication company. Custom fab shops value craftsmanship and efficiency above all other project standards.

MetalsCut4U said it best, “With the help of latest technology and tools, [custom metal fabricators] will ensure that your custom requirements are fulfilled with superior accuracy and precision. All you need to do is to hire them and specify your requirements.”

Here’s why Kaempf & Harris suggests hiring custom metal fabricators instead of a traditional fab shop:

The Sheet Metal Project Quality

The biggest reason to commit to a custom sheet metal fabrication company is the quality of produced work. Custom fabrication shops like Kaempf & Harris in Frederick, Maryland, take the utmost pride in every sheet metal project. We see the value in craftsmanship, from metal selection to project installation.

To see our craftsmanship firsthand, visit our Projects. Our latest project is Cole Field House at the University of Maryland in College Park. Other valuable projects include Frederick Memorial Hospital and Gaithersburg Public Library. We’ve done it all -- with pride in our work.

The Project Timeline

When the entire sheet metal project is by a single company, the project completes more efficiently and effectively. It’s completed within budget and on time, which saves you money on repair and replacement projects. It also saves you money on unnecessary maintenance.

The Materials

A custom fabrication shop has access to the highest quality materials. To start a great project, you need a great foundation of metal. Your next project could need stainless or soft steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, or other malleable metal. A custom fabrication shop offers these materials.

The Sheet Metal Tools & Techniques

Custom metal companies have capabilities beyond the standard fab shop. These custom shops hire skilled artisans to perform rare but critical sheet metal techniques. Some examples include punching, laser cutting, forming, machining, and welding.

To learn more about Kaempf & Harris’ custom metal fabrication capabilities, visit our Services. You can also download our cheat sheets for fabricating and welding to learn more about custom techniques.

As for the tools of the trade, custom metal fabrication shops offer the latest automation and design technologies. These technologies advance any custom project request, including airplane cylinder blocks, skylights, and custom commercial ductwork. These common custom projects are no match for CAD, CADD, or CAM design, especially when complemented by other innovations.

For more information about sheet metal tools, download our new Sheet Metal Fabrication Process Poster. Kaempf & Harris explains the top tools in a fab shop and how our projects benefit from using them. Click on the button below to get your copy:

Download The Sheet Metal Fabrication Process Poster 

The sheet metal fabrication industry is ever-changing. New computer technologies speed up old techniques. New power tools exterminate the need for so many hard-working hands. The constant in the industry is a custom fabricator. A company with the capability to perform all sheet metal techniques, access to a variety of tools, and the value of craftsmanship. A company like Kaempf & Harris in Frederick, Maryland.

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Download K&H's Metal Fabrication Techniques Cheat Sheet

Download Kaempf & Harris' Metal Fabrication Techniques Cheat Sheet to learn about each metal fabrication technique.

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