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5 Industry Events Every Sheet Metal Fabricator Should Attend

Learn the tricks and tools of the sheet metal trade by attending industry events this year. Attendees will get the chance to network with peers, listen to keynote speakers, do hands-on demonstrations and look for new products and solutions for their local companies. Here are a few of the industry events you should attend:

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The Great Debate: Should Apprentices Buy Their Own Tools?

A well-prepared sheet metal fabrication apprentice has all of the top tools of the trade ready to go. Their backpack should come with a 4 ½–inch angle grinder, various grinder disks, wire cutters, an auto-darkening helmet, welding glasses, a pair of combination wrenches, wire brushes, gloves, a jacket, and a chipping hammer -- or so some apprenticeships think. 

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The History of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication can be traced back to Eygptian jewelry, using natural metals and prehistoric techniques. From modern means to project completion to the tools of the trade, here’s our (practically) comprehensive timeline of the history of sheet metal fabrication: 

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Explaining the Periodic Table of Fab Shop Metals

There’s no doubt that science is fascinating, especially the periodic table. Did you know that Dmitry Mendeleyev, publisher of the periodic table, didn’t have time to describe all 63 then-known elements due to a looming deadline? That’s why he used atomic weights, which were actually gathered by other scientists.

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10 Tools Every Sheet Metal Fabricator Should Own

We mentioned in another blog post that there’s an ongoing great debate about whether or not apprentices should purchase their own tools. However, no matter which side of the fence you stand on, there are a few tools of the trade that every sheet metal fabricator should own at any level of experience. Here’s a comprehensive list of the tools everyone in this business should own:

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