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5 Expert Commercial Ductwork Systems For Inspiration


Commercial heating and cooling systems have a huge effect on building occupant productivity and maintenance budgets, especially HVAC ductwork. Check out these professionally installed systems for prime how-to examples:

  • Carroll Hospital Cancer Center: In conjunction with Lendlease and EMJAY Mechanical of Baltimore, this two-phase construction project provided a place for cancer patients to receive treatment closer to home.

    Kaempf & Harris’ portion of this project included weaving HVAC ductwork between and around an intricate network of medical equipment that was housed in a tight ceiling space (about an average of 18 inches when 24 to 36 is normal for commercial buildings).

    The on-time delivery of the HVAC system was critical to minimizing disruption to Carroll Hospital’s day-to-day operations, including patient and employee activities, in Westminster, Maryland. The team also adjusted to unexpected design-build challenges during a first-floor demolition of the existing building and the addition of a brand-new, high-tech cancer center wing.

    Kaempf & Harris delivered well ahead of schedule, proving ample lead time for other mechanical and general contracting teams to finish their portion of the project within budget.
  • Frederick High School (FHS): Beginning in January 2016, the upgraded FHS in Frederick is a 3-story facility with more than 270,000 square feet. We were tasked with the project and used more than 600,000 pounds of galvanized ductwork and 16,000 pounds of solid welded stainless steel to serve 25 air handler units, 67 fans, 5 make-up air units, and 113 heat pumps.

    Our manpower of 20 people also installed six mechanical rooms; 1,500 registers, grilles, and diffusers; and 305 fire and fire/smoke dampers. The project was completed in June 2017, allowing the school ample time to open in September 2017.

    With a capacity for 1,826 students, the new construction project met LEED Silver standards for environmentally friendly operations, including brand-new commercial ductwork.
  • Gaithersburg Public Library: In conjunction with Montgomery County; Henley Construction Company, Inc. of Gaithersburg; and Warner Mechanical of Frederick, this new construction project included a complete first-level renovation and a 27,745-gross-square-foot addition to the first and second floors.

    We were specifically tasked with integrating an HVAC system, including commercial ductwork, between the existing and new structures while meeting the rigorous standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification program. The team overcame scheduling delays and architectural elements of the existing building to complete our portion of the new construction project.  
  • Mercersburg Academy Student Union Building: In conjunction with Mowery Construction of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and Musser Mechanical of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, Kaempf & Harris delivered a renovated, historic, and modern structures project.

    Our sheet metal fabrication team delivered modern commercial HVAC systems to the campus kitchen, dining hall, and historic Ford Hall. Kaempf & Harris also converted Ford Hall’s basement into a brand-new, vibrant student center that included two new private dining halls and a student lounge.
  • Northern Virginia (NoVA) Community College: In conjunction with Sigal Construction of Arlington, Virginia, and Warner Mechanical, this new construction project was to help further establish the educational institution as a progressive place of learning. 

    Kaempf & Harris was tasked with a tight deadline to finish the new construction project before classes in the new building started. Our sheet metal fabrication team worked on time and within budget, around busy student schedules and reduced its noise levels to avoid classroom interruptions.

    The new three-story building in Sterling, Virginia, was designed for science, technology, and arts education, including general classroom space, common areas, and a sound studio. NoVA Community College also applied for LEED Certification upon completion of the project and earned the Silver accreditation for its HVAC system, including brand-new ductwork installation.

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